There is no machine in the world capable of sanding down the fine carvings and curves of an antique piano.  Each detail has to be precisely hand-sanded and prepared without flaws before any sealer, lacuqer or staining goes on to the wood.

-Many times the piano gets to our shop after being damaged by weather, moving companies, pets and just life in general.  Pieces of legs could be missing or entire parts such as piano lids, piano music stands, benches, even entire sets of legs and pedals on occasion get misplaced.   We have all the capabilities to replicate, by hand, an exact copy to bring back the aesthetic look and value of any piano.

The Piano leg on the left is From an 1886 Steinway B and took over a week to sand before the finish was applied

There is very little competition in the business of high gloss.  The piano finish is held to the highest standards of any finish in any industry and for generations, we have been perfecting our work.

Only the finest materials will do and we import from Germany and Italy the best available stains and lacquers to produce a world-class finish.

We can refinish your piano to original specifications using original methods.  Finishing in French Polish, Polyester, Lacquer, Organic Finishes and Every type of lacquers available.  Control pigmentation of stains for a truly custom and deep finish.